On the eve of Round One of the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the boys are discussing the two BIM teams that made it into the playoffs, and what the offseason portends for...the other.

Three-Headed Dragon | Know Your Meme

Pacers, on Turner & blowing it up.

Celtics, on Tatum shooting woes.

Timberwolves, on KAT vs the refs.

Only, replacing the traditional scripted Christmas bits with more talk about Star Trek 🤔.

Some talk about COVID ravaging the league.

About 25 damn minutes of Star Trek talk. 

Then, as always, weighing in on Celtics, Pacers, and Timberwolves.

A lotta Trek.

A bit o' Scotch.

Wolf hope, Pacer woe.

Oh, and Timberwolves, Celtics, and Pacers season wrap ups.

What up, Celtics & Pacers?

Hope in Timberwolf land.

Celtics not doing so hot.

Timberwolves doing baaaaaad.

Pacers doing aight

Celtics doing great.

Timberwolves doing bad.

Pacers doing just right


Plus, scads more fun!

Pat's idea for birthday wishes for everybody associated with the Celtics, Pacers, and Timberwolves goes longer than we expect!

Also, Dan drinks 12-year Scotch.

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